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Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance

40 Years of Dance

We’re excited to have celebrated our 40th season in 2017.  We are very grateful for the many years we have been able to do what we love. These 40 years wouldn’t be the same without our amazing alumni. Read what a few former students have to say about their time at the studio!


At Collier’s, I learned to never give up! Always keep pushing and never stop trying.

          – Jeremy Plummer



My parents could only afford for me to be in dance for 1 year and I remember it vividly. The recital I was in was in 1986, “Under the Big Top”. I even have an original program and ticket stub from this recital.

          – Misty Snyder  

                                        Misty in 1986                                         Daughter Laicey in 2012


I learned to love myself. I was able to build confidence not only in the dance aspect of my life, but with all aspects. I learned to only be better than the person I was, not better than the person next to me.

– Kierra Judd





I learned commitment, dedication
and hard work…I really loved when we did Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in ’91…
Extra! Extra! Dance All About It! 

 – Nicole Hatfield





As someone who came to the dance school with only training from my high school dance team, in terms of technique, I was extremely behind. However, between the support of the instructors and sheer determination, I was in classes with students who had been training for years. 

           – Shelly Kohls


A memory from dance school would be sitting back stage and having all of the parents come around and put extra make-up on us last minute before we went on stage. It was always so funny‚Ķbut our lips and eyes were definitely able to be seen on stage.

– Vicki Harris


Debra Collier’s School of Dance & CADT helped me find my people, helped me figure out who I was and who I wanted to be.

– Kristie Davis


The impact that the studio had on me has not only helped shape my values but led me to my profession.  After majoring in dance and business in college, I opened my own dance studio that is now celebrating it’s 12th year. Deb has been instrumental in her support and encouragement from its inception. I’m honored to have her as a peer, mentor, and friend.

– Tressa Mohler


I started with you the Fall of 1978. Every year Deb and dance became more a part of my life with fond memories of Dance Conventions, being part of the first ever “Class Act,” and getting to share my love of dance by helping teach younger dancers during high school.

– Sandy Brelsford deCastro


At the dance school the teachers always encouraged you and gave you hugs! Told you to try your best, work hard and to practice, practice, practice. I have two beautiful girls who are now part of the dance school and they are taking the same classes that I took because they want to. (They even have two of the same teachers that I did as well, which makes it extra special!)

– Jennifer Calhoun


The discipline and artistry of dance has won my heart forever. I may be a busy stay-at-home mom now, but realize all the life lessons I gained from the patient leaders that stepped up in my life throughout my commitment in taking dance lessons at Deb’s. The teachers that I had modeled leadership and encouraged me to grow as a leader. For that, I  am so grateful.

– Eva Mudd