Debra Collier's School of Dance
Debra Collier's School of Dance

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Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance


We are proud to offer an extensive faculty of highly-qualified and caring teachers. Every studio teacher has been trained in our methods and principles. The studio staff is experienced in all areas of dance and continues to further their education in new styles and methods of teaching.

Debra Collier, MDE, began her dance training at the age of seven and has been a professional instructor for over 40 years. To stay current in her field, she regularly attends workshops, seminars and master classes instructed by today’s prominent dance authorities. As a member of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, Deb received master certification from CNADM after completion of a required research paper and hours of training. Following five years as Principal and three years as President-Elect, Deb was named CNADM President in August of 2010. During her three-year term she was responsible for the organization’s 100th year celebration in addition to her regular duties. She served as a faculty member for the Indiana Annual Dance Workshop in Indianapolis for 12 years and was the founder of Class Act Dance Troupe. Deb has provided choreography for elementary and high schools, the Warsaw Civic Theater, Grace College and demonstrations for various organizations, elementary and pre-schools.  From choreographing for the studio’s Dance Etc. performance group to inspiring students with the beauty of ballet and everything in between, Miss Deb still loves every moment with her students.  Her experience and love for her students are second to none in our area.

Amy Clay, MDE, began dancing at the age of three at Verleen’s Studio of Dance in Amsterdam, New York. She celebrated her 25th season of teaching at the studio in 2016 and is also our office manager. She was accepted as a member of CNADM and obtained Graduate Certification in 2001. She also received her Master Dance Educator certification in 2013. Amy has served as Sergeant-at-Arms for the CNADM Board of Directors, as a member of the committees for membership and promotional items and also as chairman of the competition committee and exhibitors committee.  Miss Amy’s love for dance continues to inspire from the tiniest of tots to our most advance dancers.  She has enjoyed creating the studio’s modern program and continues to bring new and exciting choroegraphy to her classroom.

Kristina Collier, MDE, has been involved with dance for many years and has experience in tap, jazz, ballet, pointe and musical theater. She has been a studio instructor and office staff member since 1998 and joined the staff of CADT in 2000. Kristina instructs numerous workshops throughout the community as part of the studio’s Outreach Program. She continues her education by attending the CNADM training schools and conventions where as a member of the association, she received her Master Certification in 2005.  Kristina was recognized as the CNADM Member of the Year in 2014 for inspiration to other dance educators and community involvement in the arts.  Her endless creativity and passion for dance are evident in her classes and choreography.  It is always a joy to see her share her heart of dance with her students and now her daughter too!

Rosalyn Hickerson began her training in ballet, but quickly added other styles as her passion for dance grew.  As member of Class Act Dance Troupe she has a strong performance background, as well as experience working with numerous master teachers.  Rosalyn has participated in the CNADM Ballet Forum and Dance & More program, allowing her to learn and perform original choreography at the CNADM Annual Awards Banquet and Ballet Gala.  She was one of the first attendees ever to complete all five levels of the CNADM Student Honors testing program and was accepted into membership by the organization in 2016, upon completion of additional testing.  Your child will love Miss Rosalyn’s warmhearted personality and joy for teaching.

Claire Kois has excelled in dance since beginning her training at age eight.  She traveled and performed with Class Act Dance Troupe for many seasons, allowing her to study with numerous master teachers and perform with such programs as Disney’s Magic Music Days, CNADM Dance & More, and for the Harlem Globetrotters.  Claire completed our Teaching Training program and joined our faculty in 2016, where she has been instrumental in expanding our Hip Hop program.  She was accepted into membership by CNADM in 2017 after successfully completing written and demonstrative testing in multiple styles of dance.  Miss Claire’s love of dance and children is apparent in every class.  Her bright and joyful personality have quickly made her a favorite of students and parents alike.  

Tammy Seibold, MDE, a life-time resident of Warsaw, began her dance education at age six. She recently complete her 30th season of teaching and has been a member of our office staff since 1991. Tammy has been the director of Class Act Dance Troupe, Inc. since 1992 and oversees the troupe’s community presentations and annual performance. She also collaborated with Deb to provide choreography for two musical productions by Grace College.  Tammy continues to attend the fall and summer CNADM conventions to continually expand her teaching styles.  She was accepted as a member of the association in 1997 and received Graduate Certification in 2003. Tammy also received her Master Dance Educator certification in 2013.  Although she attended Grace College to study elementary education it was not long before she realized her heart was in the dance classroom.  Three decades later that is still her favorite place to be!

Our staff is filled with experienced teachers that are passionate about sharing their love of dance with their students.  Whether teaching toddlers discovering dance for the first time or advanced dancers on the path to a career in dance, each teacher strives to reach every student through their learning style.  To inspire, encourage and educate is a gift we treasure and love to share with our dance family.