Debra Collier's School of Dance
Debra Collier's School of Dance

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    M-Th: 12:30p-9p
    F: 9a-4:30p

Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance

Group Events

Are you looking for an exciting and innovative way to energize your party or seminar? Searching for a new way to market your business and stand out from the crowd? Whether for a corporate event, wedding or an educational workshop, our faculty can design anything to fit your needs. Examples of our private events are listed below and we can customize a package to be perfect for you! Contact our staff for availability and details.

Preschool Workshops: “D” is for dance! Incorporating dance into your preschool curriculum is as easy as 5, 6, 7, 8! Our staff can customize an exciting workshop as part of your music program, exercise activity, or something as special as Grandparents’ Day.  Available in Warsaw and surrounding areas, your students can enjoy a field trip to our studio or our staff can present an on-site workshop.

Educational Workshops: Our staff can provide an Introduction to Dance Workshop for elementary through high school ages. The workshop will include a ballroom or jazz-based combination, information about various styles of dance and basic music theory in relation to dance. It’s more than a lecture, it’s interactive fun!

Home-school Programs: Daytime options are available for Home-school programs.  Classes may be set up for a one-time activity or for a series of classes.

School Dances: Enhance your homecoming dance or formal prom with a private ballroom class. From the energy of swing to the grace of the waltz, we will get your students engaged in the class and will help create memories that last a lifetime.

Corporate Events: Add the enjoyment of a dance class to your next company dinner or focus on team building in a brand new way. Any style of dance can be included, from salsa to rhumba and more. Dancing is a great way to break the ice between colleagues or clients too!

First Dances for Wedding Couples: We will create a dance to make your once-in-a-lifetime dreams come true. Say goodbye to the anxiety and awkwardness of dancing in front of your guests, when you prepare for the day together. Customized packages even include free music editing to the song of your choice. Can you imagine a more perfect gift for your loved one than private dance classes? Mother & Son, as well as Father & Daughter dances are also available!