Debra Collier's School of Dance
Debra Collier's School of Dance

Studio Hours

    M-Th: 12:30p-9p
    F: 9a-4:30p

Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance Debra Collier's School of Dance


Welcome to the 2019-2020 season at DCSD! You may register online for our annual session or Specialty Classes.  Registration fees for the annual session and class fees for Specialty Classes are processed through our payment page.  Tuition for the annual session will be processed via automatic payments per your choice of method selected on the registration page.

  • New Students: If your child is enrolling in dance for the first time or is entering a beginning level class, please find the desired class(es) below.  Once you know the class code(s) for which you would like to register (listed below), please click here to continue to the registration form.
  • Returning Students: If you have received an individualized class schedule for your child and know the applicable class codes, please click here to continue.  If you need another copy of your child’s individualized class schedule, just let us know.  (574) 267-7055
  • Specialty Classes: If you would like to register for Mommy & Me or Ballroom, click on the class title to continue to that registration form.
  • If your child has had previous dance training elsewhere, please contact our staff to discuss appropriate class placement.

Beginning Level Classes

Below are classes available for beginning level students.  Please find the class code for the class in which you wish to enroll and select it on the registration form.  If you have any questions regarding class codes or class placement, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If the class you prefer is marked as full, please notify our office to be placed on a waiting list and notified if an opening becomes available.

Mommy &  Me
Ages 18 months to 3 years
C551-1-19: Tuesday, 6:15-6:45p
C551-2-19: Friday, 10-10:30a


Tiny Twos
Age 2 (by August 1)
C552-1-19: Wednesday, 5:30-6p
C552-2-19: Friday, 10:30-11a


Tiny Tots
Ages 3 to 4
B501-1-19: Monday, 4:45-5:15p **Only Two Openings Available**
C501-2-19: Monday, 6-6:30p
A501-3-19: Thursday, 5:15-5:45p
C501-4-19: Thursday, 6:00-6:30p


Age 4
B502-1-19: Monday, 5:15-6p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**
A502-2-19: Tuesday, 4:30-5:15p
C502-3-19: Wednesday, 6-6:45p
A502-4-19: Thursday, 5:45-6:30p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**


Ages 5 to 7
A101-1-19: Monday, 4:30-5:15p
B101-2-18: Monday, 6-6:45p**Sold Out, Waiting List Available**
B101-4-19: Tuesday, 5:15-6p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**
C101-6-19: Tuesday, 6:45-7:30p **NEW CLASS ADDED**
B101-5-19: Thurday, 6-6:45p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**

Ages 8-11
B101-23-19: Monday, 6:45-7:30p  **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**


Ages 5 to 7
B201-2-19: Tuesday, 6-6:45p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**
B201-3-19: Thursday, 5:15-6p **Only Two Openings Available**

Ages 8 to 11
B201-1-19: Monday, 7:30-8:15p


Boys Hip Hop
Ages 5 to 9 
A401-1-19: Monday, 6:45-7:30p  **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**


Ages 6 to 8
A351-1-19: Monday, 5:15-6p

Ages 7 to 9
A301-1-19: Monday, 6-6:45p

Ages 10 to 13
B301-2-19: Thursday, 7:30-8:15p


Hip Hop
Ages 8 to 13
B801-1-19: Tuesday, 7:30-8:15p **Sold Out, Waiting List Available**
B801-2-19: Thursday, 4:30-5:15p