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Importance of Continuing Education for Teachers


Miss Deb has always encouraged continuing education for our staff.  From attending the Teacher Training and Conventions held annually by the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters, to working with master teachers the studio hosts, she encourages all of us to expand our knowledge of not just dance, but teaching dance.   Last week she arranged for our teaching staff to have a two-hour private session with Diane Gudat.  It was a wonderful time of learning new teaching techniques, sharing experiences and inspiration.

The world of dance is always evolving, so the aspect of teaching dance has to grow too.   As dancers begin to understand their anatomy better, the science of dance changes.  As styles of dance expand, so must what we teach.  As dance educators we have to stay current with the changes from every direction, that is why continuing education is so important.   But, not all programs are created equal.  

Throughout the years, our studio has attended many conventions, training programs and seminars.  We have found some focus more on combinations and others focus more on education.   It is important for teachers to pursue knowledge that will enhance their students’ training, not just learn steps.

There are wonderful organizations that focus on education, teachers just have to seek them out.  As dance educators we must remember that it is not enough just to have a love of dance.  We must take it farther.   We must continually expand our own knowledge and ability to teach.

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