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yoga for dancers


As dancers, we train in multiple disciplines and believe that versatility in dance education helps develop well-rounded dance artists. Dancers strive for grace and elegance to give the appearance of floating across thin air. So how do dancers achieve that through adding yoga into their dance practice?

How Does Yoga Influence Dance Training

The physical practice of yoga moves through a series of poses, or asanas, that encourages body awareness helpful for coordination in various dance techniques. The foundation of each posture includes strength, flexibility, and balance. Those three pillars support growth within your personal dance goals. Additionally, yoga involves a mind and body awareness that focuses on breath, or pranayama, to serve the ease in one’s dancing. Breath is an intentional practice in yoga that assists dance movement and facilitates an airiness quality important to its aesthetic.

How Does Yoga Cultivate Creativity

Yoga supports growth, invites curiosity, and invokes positivity in dancers. It is a fun and interactive way for dancers to grow in their dance training and stimulate their creative minds. Yoga, in addition to dance classes, will support a well-rounded dance education and excite dancers to engage with a new study. 

How Does Yoga Prevent Injury

Yoga promotes wellbeing and improves joint mobility while strengthening the musculoskeletal system. The focus on strength, flexibility, and balance maintains the body’s equilibrium and prevents injury. Dancers benefit from this form of supplemental training because it promotes functionality.

Overall, yoga compliments a multifaceted dance education. It develops tools that allow dancers to refine their movement, enrich their minds, and maintain a sustainable lifestyle. The mat meets you where you are at and supports growth within your personal dance goals.  

Written By: Annie Petro

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