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How the Right Dance Class Can Positively Influence Your Preschooler


Parenting would be so much easier if it came with a manual, a how-to of tried-and-true routes for raising a confident, well-adjusted child in this busy world. When looking for activities for a child, many parents might think of team sports or music lessons first, but there are several reasons why the right dance class could be a better confidence builder for your child.  

From the coordination and musicality to the performance aspect, dance provides numerous opportunities for your child to find self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

When a child’s class is designed to work specifically with their motor skills and attention span, they easily find success in discovering the joy of dance. Themes, such as Fairy Tales or Join the Circus, where dance is presented through corresponding activities are a great way to engage  young children and spark their imaginations.  

When a child enters a classroom that has been transformed into a big top, you can see the excitement in their eyes.  To an adult, it may look like a balance beam, but to a child it quickly becomes their high-wire act. When gallops and marches become the choreography of prancing ponies, you can see their confidence soar. 

Each song and activity is designed to give young children the opportunity to discover movement and dance in a very attainable way. They gain confidence through each accomplishment.

From the small moments in a classroom where the foundation of self-confidence is built, to the moment they step onto a stage in front of hundreds of people, dance can help students begin their journey to building a strong self-esteem and belief in what they can accomplish. 

Consider enrolling your child in a dance class that is designed just for them.  You might end up granting them a lifelong passion and while building their confidence too!

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